'The day after having broken 2 ribs in an accident, and after a doctor visit and x-rays, I had a treatment with Ajay. I was in a lot of pain and the session was very intense although not invasive at all and afterwards I felt much lighter and clearer. The most remarkable thing though, was that the pain in my ribs had gone. I grew concerned as the doctor had told me to return straight away if there were any changes as this could be an indication that the ribs had moved and may puncture a lung. He sent me for more x-rays and they showed no broken ribs at all! The breaks had healed! I have no logical explanation for this but this is what happened and I have had no more problems with my ribs at all. Thank you Ajay.'

Yarrow Baldwin, Gold Coast, Australia

'Hi Ajay, I wanted to tell you that my wife's thyroid numbers are all in the normal range now!!! Your protocol worked! She has the results from her blood work (annual physical) and will be seeing her doctor next week for her checkup. She can't wait to tell him that she cured herself holistically!! (He is one of those that does not even believe in vitamins LMAO) Anyway, I just wanted to thank you sooo much for your help. And she asked me to give you a BIG THANK YOU ALSO!!! I will let you know what the doctor says. Should she continue with the protocol? Thanks again Ajay and I hope to meet you one day. You are the best!'

H. Carter, Orlando, USA

Distance Healing - 'Very reliable and accurate. Great experience as always. True healer.'

Dipti Arora, Dallas, USA

‘My healing with Ajay was really quite amazing. I have had numerous health problems for quite a few years and had not menstruated for 8 years. After the first session, I began menstruating again the next day and I am feeling better now than I have in a long time. I will be continuing with this therapy for sure.’

Doris Stockwell Gold Coast, Australia

Distance Healing on pet dog - 'Truly amazing work with Lily. She has gone from being in ICU with heart failure and certain to be euthanized to barking and full of energy. I almost can't believe it.'

Katrina Gillies, Melbourne, Australia

'Thankyou for finding Ajay to heal me. First time I saw her suddenly there was a distance between me and the dreaded cancer and all its connotation attached! I was free of the stigma around it. I started realy opining up and feeling like getting on with my life and not focused on cancer. I went back AND did a working bee at the house and sang after. Saw Ajay again tuesday and I saw when she was healing how her guides as I was lying on my back cut me all the way down my back and flay me pulling back layers of my energy! This they did 2 Times. When I woke the next morning I felt so light and positive when I walked I felt like I was dancing I was happy and confident. When I waited till wed, morning to change the dressing. The wound had shrunk by half instead of it closing over the lump!'

Mary Jane Saunders, Gold Coast, Australia

Distance Healing - 'Ajay is helping me and my daughter move through a transition. Ajay's warmth, professionalism, supportive manner, sincerity and wisdom are so refreshing and reassuring, and her spiritual gifts, and the power of her guys, are amazing can't believe it.'

Penny Rowe, Sydney, Australia

Distance Healing - 'I’m not even sure where to begin…my name is Effie and I’m in the USA….This is not my first experience with energy healing but it is by far the best! Ajay has incredible instincts and intuition…she understands the body and exactly how it works and exactly what it needs. She has helped heal numerous things for me and my mother. My mother had recurring foot infections…lost 2 toes to them and they just kept coming time after time…when I spoke with Ajay about the situation it was like the miles between us melted away and she was right there doing her thing! My mother’s foot is completely healed in less than a month’s time…my mother had fired her doctors and healed naturally! She adjusted diet and supplemented where needed but it was Ajay’s help that was miraculous. My mother could not walk on that foot for years…she does everything she wants now. I can’t thank Ajay enough for her help for my own issues but especially for my mother who was a difficult case….my mother has her life back!'

Effie Rau, Chicago, USA

Distance Healing - 'Thanks so very much! The work was done while I was asleep. I woke up and knew you had done the work (I could really feel it in my thigh). Really amazing, thank you for sharing your gift!'

Katrina Gillies, Melbourne, Australia

'Thank you so much Ajay for my healings. I have found that my body is so much more relaxed, I am sleeping better at nights and I have more energy during my busy days. It was truely a pleasureable experience and I wouldn't hesitate to refer you and your business to anyone.'

Linda Davis, Gold Coast, Australia

‘After only one treatment my tinnittus is all gone. I am very happy that the noise has stopped. Thanks very much.’

Martin Thomas, Gold Coast, Australia

Distance Healing - 'I received a healing and did feel an energy working on my issue. Ajay was very prompt and caring and provided good feedback which was much appreciated! Looking forward for positive changes! Highly recommend.'

Joyfuljune, Melbourne, Australia