Suppository/Pessary Making Instructions

Making your own suppositories or pessaries is very simple to do plus you can completely control what goes into them. That means no nasties.


First of all, you're going to need a mould. This can be a specific suppository mould purchased from a medical supplier or, you can buy an ice cube tray in a suitable shape that will work for this purpose.


Half fill each mould with organic coconut oil, then add the required dose of active ingredient, then complete filling with the coconut oil. Keep in the fridge and insert one at night just before going to bed.


For gut problems and/or intestinal problems and to increase healthy bacteria numbers, either use a probiotic powder or empty the contents of a capsule or 2.  These can also be used as a pessary by women experiencing problems such as thrush.

For those of you fortunate enough to live in an area where cannabis oil is legal (as it should be everywhere), use the prescribed dose of cannabis in the suppository as well as taking a dose orally.