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Welcome to our world of health and wellness and everything associated with it. The aim of Health Kulture is to help guide people back to wellness by providing health information and education and our wonderful truly natural skin and body care products, extracts, balms and essences.


All of our products are made by us in small batches with much love and care. A lot of our products are in powder form. We do this to keep them as pure as possible as it eliminates the need for any form of preservative. Simply mix them fresh in one of our bowls and use as directed.

Return some ritual to your life ... it is a lovely, self-honouring thing to do each day. And you then know you are not causing yourself harm ... don't just squeeze something out of a bottle and hope for the best!

Please feel free to contact us at any time, we are here to help you in any way we can.




Ajay Dennis

Health Kulture Founder

Practitioner of Traditional & Energetic Medicine

Formulator & producer of wholistic, natural skin and body care products, herbal essences, extracts & balms 

As a traditional and energetic medicine practitioner, with qualifications in many modalities, my passion is helping people return to optimal health, educating on how to maintain a vibrant lifestyle and producing products that will not cause harm to us or the environment. As a result of the years of research and experience gained on my journey, plus my deep understanding of body physiology and energetics, it is my honour to offer my products and services. Much love to you all.

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Sydney NSW Australia

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